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Moda Dancewear About Us


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Moda Dancewear originates from the heart. We believe the best dancewear comes from those who have danced. From those who know what it feels like to move in a leotard that fits, flatters and fills them with confidence. Who know when things are not quite right and how distracting or awkward it can feel. Unflattering leg cuts, baggy arms, unable to bend backwards fully because your leotard is too short in the body - ring any bells?

We recognise dancewear is as important as everything else in your wardrobe, perhaps more important? After all, some of you spend more time in it than your favourite pair of jeans. And just as we choose things to wear based on our mood and self expression, dancewear is no different. There will always be black leo’ days of course! They are classic. But our Moda vibe is more about those other days. Our aim is to provide high quality dance apparel that not only fits well but is fashionable, stylish, easy to fall in love with and fills you with confidence.

My name is Helen. I am a former professional dancer and ‘yes’ I certainly know what it’s like to dance feeling awkward and uncomfortable in what I’m wearing. As well as teaching and choreographing I have been working with dancers, creating bespoke dancewear for over six years. With an eye for detail, in-depth knowledge of dance garment construction and speciality fabrics, I’m collaborating with stretch wear experts with years of manufacturing experience to produce my own ready to wear capsule having the way dancers move and feel at the forefront of my mind.

Starting this journey I was passionate that this small boutique label must be made close to home and knowing who is making my dancewear is imperative. Have you ever thought about who makes your dancewear and under what conditions? Rather proudly I can say Moda Dancewear is designed by me and using the finest globally sourced stretch fabrics Made in England.